Each pre-configured AutoRay system includes a powerful Touch-Screen Windows 10 PC with wireless keyboard and mouse to provide true functionality.

AutoRay+ includes the ability to merge and edit patient demographics, PACS Query/Retrieve, Auto-Burn CD/DVDs with spanning, dRay DICOM Viewer, a DICOM Image Importer with Graphic Image Conversion to DICOM and the unique Peer-to-Peer Exchange Service.

AutoRay allows for high volume production of CDs or DVDs with printed demographics and hospital logo for patients and professionals.

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  • Unattended production of CDs and DVDs
  • Highest quality printing in its class
  • Print speeds up to 95 discs/hour
  • Six high-capacity ink cartridges
  • Economical to operate and maintain
  • USB or network connectivity
  • Compact rugged construction
  • Backed by Epson's service programs
  • Individual ink level sensors
  • Delivers highest print quality in its class

Key Benefits

  • Provides a professional, easy way to produce medium for exchange in a universal non-proprietary format.
  • Creates full fidelity digital medical images in the DICOM Part 10 format
  • Attracts referring physicians as a marketing tool outside the institution
  • Reduces costly film production
  • Simplifies CD/DVD production and distribution for radiology staff
  • Customized on-demand CD/DVDs
  • Import CDs/DVDs with DICOM or non-standard formats and edit patient info
  • Today's best value for medical disc publishers or software only upgrades.

Medical Disc Publishing

  • PC networked to one or more modalities, the PACS archive, and/or one or more workstations
  • CD burner with robotic arm to physically move the CDs from one burning step to another
  • Thermal or Inkjet printer that puts a custom image on the 'face' of the CD
  • DICOM software (ex. AutoRay) to retrieve DICOM images and results from a modality or PACS archive
  • DICOM viewer burned onto the CD, so users can view and manipulate the DICOM images

Medical Grade Media

We make it easy through our software to order through Same Day Labs, a supplier of medical grade media that not only meets, but exceeds ISO 90002 standards.

  • CDs/DVDs for Ink Jet in Epson or Primera Systems
  • CDs/DVDs for Thermal in Rimage systems
  • Epson DiscProducer ink cartridges
  • Custom printed CDs or DVDs
  • Paper sleeves, clamshell and DVD cases


"AutoRay by Nautilus Medical is the way to go. Our imaging center just purchased one and we love it. We scan about 50 patients and burn about 20-25 CD's per day. Before the AutoRay the techs had to spend their time burning CD's which took away from scan time and decreased productivity. Now CD burning is done automatically with one touch of a button from each modality. The service and support we experienced from Nautilus in setting up the AutoRay was wonderful."
Kathy, Chief Technologist

"I have been very pleased with the AutoRay software. The staff at Nautilus went above and beyond to accommodate the needs of our hospital. The software interface is very user friendly and easy to use. The staff required very little training to successfully operate the system. Thanks for all that you have done."
Kim, PACS Coordinator