MatrixRay is a pay-per-use cloud-alternative medical imaging program that allows you to securely share images without the need for a CD.

Features include anonymizing patient data, scanning film/paper, importing/converting DICOM or non-DICOM images, burning discs, PACS query/retrieve and more!

Save Time & Lives

MatrixRay allows access wherever it's needed, whether it be in a lab, at home, or in various departments across the hospital.

Trauma patients won't need to be re-scanned in the case of a broken or missing disk, allowing time for precious life-saving measures.

MatrixRay is safe, secure, and compliant, so there is no worry, which lets the doctor focus on what is important - the patients.


"We were about to buy another CD burning system, but when I saw MatrixRay, we just downloaded it to every needed location for convenience and cost control. Thank you."

Director of Radiology

"I couldn't believe how easy it was to install MatrixRay on my home computer, work, and laptop. I can get my patient studies anywhere and send them anywhere securely. I like that."


"With all the tools in the app along with viewing capability, I was sold. Then I realized the cost savings and now I'm hooked!"

Radiology Practice

"Security is becoming a bigger concern with recent breaches. MatrixRay technology gives me a comfort I could not find elsewhere."

Hospital CTO

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