TeleRay is your partner in telemedicine in 3 easy steps!

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MatrixRay lets you send patient studies. No hidden costs or fees. Free features include a DICOM Image Viewer, Query/Retrieve from PACS, and more!

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AutoRay acquires DICOM images to view and burn DICOM Part 10 CDs/DVDs from PACS or modalities.

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Viewers - We offer custom viewers to our customers, and can work with your PACS vendor to add any other viewer of your choice to your Nautilus system.

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Features and Options MatrixRay AutoRay Competitors
Peer 2 Peer Secure Transfer ?
Private Key Security System ?
$1 Million Insurance Policy ?
Fastest File Transfer Available ?
Auto Routing to Destination ?
LDAP Authentication (no second login) ?
9:1 lossless compression ?
No storage fees ?
No monthly fees ?
No minimums ?
No contract ?
No hidden fees ?
No server install ?
Robust viewer ?
Document scan to DICOM/PACS ?
Film scan to DICOM/PACS ?
Any file conversion to DICOM/PACS (jpeg2K, GIF, TIFF) ?
Send only a series option ?
Automatically add radiology reports ?
Publish CDs/DVDs ?
Publish encrypted CDs/DVDs ?
Robust dRay viewer placed on CD/DVD ?
Comparison viewing/side by side ?
Reference lines ?
Viewer has masking of data for quality control and anonymizing ?
Viewer has annotation ?
Viewer does not alter presentation layers/CAD ?
Viewer has region of interest, measurement, invert, W/L ?
Viewer has 'Sync in Tree' to find specified images ?
View thumbnail pics on interface ?
Import any DICOM discs and make study universal ?
Import other file formats and convert to DICOM ?
Osirix viewer for MAC users placed on CD/DVD ?
Optional PET/CT viewer ?
Optional cardiology ventricle measurement viewer ?
Publish studies to USB drive with viewer ?
Publish to network folder ?
View thumbnail pics on interface ?
Import any DICOM discs and make study universal ?
Import other file formats and convert to DICOM ?
Auto forward after import ?
DICOM query and retrieve from any node ?
Modality worklist on import and query/retrieve ?
DICOM network send to any node ?
One click anonymizing for 2nd review, tumor board, etc. ?
Click to edit tags - patient, study, series, image level ?
Add splash screen to open reports, view study and market site ?
Add unlimited DICOM nodes ?
Add multiple AE Titles to perform different functions ?
Complete audit trail for all activities ?
Create import rules to manage specific tags ?
DICOM library of known problem tags (Fuji CR) ?
Optional web interface with all features for multiuser instance ?
Web interface for portable devices on network (iPad, Surface) ?
Integrated support button ?
Integrated supplies button ?
Auto-updated feature ?
Unlimited downloads of software for unlimited workstations ?
Optional HL7 module to create full patient profiles from any EMR ?
Auto create CDs/DVDs ?
Connect to Epson Disc Producer for high volume disc creation   ?
Automatically span multiple discs for large studies   ?
Print full color labels   ?
Print different labels (i.e. pink ribbon for mammography   ?
Print anything (Word, picture, web page) to DICOM/PACS ?
Doximity registration ?
Localized in 14 languages ?
Beyond HIPAA security requirements ?
Single point of reception and distribution for all images ?

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Web server access available as an option to initiate control from any browser

MantaRay is a DICOM server that manages systems via the network.

With MantaRay, each MatrixRay and AutoRay is its own web server giving a full featured experience as if you were sitting right in front of the system. Utilize our DICOM solutions from any location at your imaging site!

Epson scanners and printers work flawlessly with any software package.

Scan documents, patient forms, cytology, pathology, reports and anything you want as DICOM image directly into a patient folder. Scan images directly into PACS. Ask for a quote - starting at $69.00

FILMray digitizes your medical film.

With its easy USB hook up from any VIDAR scanner, FILMray provides you with the capability to scan film, segment images, and utilize the quality control feature built into the interface of our systems.

CAD PRO Advantage

The VIDAR CAD PRO Advantage medical film digitizer was specifically designed and engineered for use in mammography CAD (computer-aided diagnosis) systems.

The CAD PRO Advantage includes a modular 50-sheet feeder. The advanced feeder design eliminates film jams, double feeds, and film pick-up problems that occur with other digitizers. Most importantly, the CAD PRO's feeder is designed for continuous case loading, allowing the user to add cases during the digitizing process.

The CAD PRO Advantage can digitize a four-film study in 93 seconds, 30 percent faster than previous versions, further increasing productivity. Reliability is ensured with the LED light source which improves repeatability of the device as well as longevity, and lowers the total cost of ownership. The modular design allows easy access for cleaning and light source field replacement, minimizing downtime.

DiagnosticPro Advantage

VIDAR's DiagnosticPro Advantage medical film digitizer has achieved the highest reliability, image quality, consistency, and best overall productivity than any other digitizer on the market.

Higher speed, image quality, and reliability are just some of the new features of the DiagnosticPRO Advantage. With a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rate of more than 50,000 hours, a modular film feeder, and a field replaceable LED illuminator system, these technical advances have resulted in the highest reliability of any medical film digitizing on the market.

In addition to a higher level of image quality and more consistency, the DiagnosticPRO Advantage has been designed for increased speed. It digitizes film two times faster than previous models and will digitize up to 25 mixed-sized films in batch mode, allowing more productivity and greater efficiency - key benefits for radiology department personnel.

DosimetryPro Advantage

With the industry moving to eliminate film chemistry from modern cancer centers, VIDAR's state-of-the-art DosimetryPRO Advantage (Red) was designed to meet the exacting needs for using radiochromic film in beam analysis and related applications.

The DosimetryPRO Advantage (Red) medical film digitizer delivers outstanding geometric accuracy, consistency and reliability, making it the ideal choice for radiation physicists. The DosimetryPRO Advantage (Red) features VIDAR's proprietary High Definition CCD (HD-CCD) technology, ensuring clinically proven quality and unmatched value.

The DosimetryPRO Advantage (Red) system features 65,536 shades of gray with an optical density range of 0.00-4.00, and the geometric accuracy is better than 1 percent or 2 pixels, whichever is greater, in both axes. Meeting the highest image quality standards in the industry makes the DosimetryPRO Advantage (Red) ideal for the most demanding medical film digitizing, including radiation film dosimetry, quality assurance, and IMRT.

SIERRA Advantage

For Teleradiology and Low Volume Medical Film Digitizing

The award-winning SIERRA plus film digitizer represents a significant advance in film digitizer technology and overcomes some of the most common barriers to digitizer use - quality, cost, and size.

The ACR-compliant SIERRA plus is the lowest cost digitizer for remote primary diagnosis. The SIERRA plus also is the first film digitizer small enough to be easily wall-mounted, solving siting problems commonly found at hospitals and radiology offices.

The SIERRA plus meets the needs of healthcare professionals for a high quality, affordable, compact medical film digitizer capable of being integrated into a variety of healthcare settings, including at the point of care.


ClinicalExpress is designed for ease of operation and developed specifically for use with VIDAR's industry leading line of film digitizers - the CAD PRO Advantage, DiagnosticPRO Advantage, and SIERRA Advantage. This software application complies with the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM 3.0) standard to digitize prior films and send the images to the PACS archive, mammography reading workstation, or other DICOM compliant workstations.

The software is CE-MDD compliant and is available in modules to build a cost-effective solution for your specific needs. Choose from the Base Package for General Radiography or the Base Package for Mammography - or combine two. Add-on modules for Modality Worklist and/or Patient Data Interchange (PDI) are available as well.

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DICOMray adheres to the IHE, which means our systems communicate with one another better, are easier to implement, and enable care providers to use information more effectively.

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We provide HOT SWAP 24-hour turnaround on any of our products. Our software contract entitles your system to free upgrades, and discounts are available for multi-year agreements.


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