AutoRay Features/Configuration

Password Protect Studies

AutoRay has the built-in feature to burn encrypted password protected studies To enable to this feature, press the Configure button on AutoRay. Under the default "General" tab, check the box "Encrypt Media" and press OK. This will now encrypt all new burned discs using the birthdate of the patient. The format for the password is:
PatientBirthDate: 7/1/1965
Password: 1965-07-01
You must include the dashes for the password to work Loading a Password Protected Disc Unlike normal burned discs that will start using the "AutoRun.exe" file, a password protected disc will run using "DecodeMedia.exe" Enter the password with the same format as from above and press the button "Decode". This will decrypt and extract the contents of the disc onto a folder on your computer. You can change the destination of this folder by clicking the button "Destination..." Once fully decoded, the AutoRun.exe file will launch automatically allowing you to view the encrypted study.

Automatic Application Lock

AutoRay has the built-in feature to automatically lock itself or to manually lock itself. This will require you to login with your Windows Username/Password when locked out. To enable to this feature, press the Configure button on AutoRay. Under the default "General" tab, check the box "Enable Application Lock". You can then change the "Idle Time Before Lock" to the amount of time you would like before auto locking. There will also be a new button "Lock Application" added to your AutoRay. This will lock the application immediately. "Select users and groups to have access" An advanced feature recently added to AutoRay allows you to select multiple users to unlock AutoRay. This will allow multiple logins to unlock the AutoRay that are within the Windows system. To do this, first check the box "Select users and groups to have access" and select the button "Access List". Then click the button "Add". In the text box here you can type in another user account for the computer and select "Check Names". This will verify you have the correct user account. If correct, you can press OK and it will add the account to the list. You can also search for which accounts are available on the computer by clicking "Advanced..." Select the Locations you want to search by clicking the "Locations..." button. By default your computer will be selected. Then click the button "Find Now" on the right. This will generate a list of all available users. Any of those names under the column "Name (RDN)" can be used.

Compressing Images onto Disc

AutoRay has the ability to compress your images before they are burned onto a disc. By default, this feature is off. To enable this feature, click Configure and select the tab "Media" on top. On the bottom of the page check the box "Compress Image SOP Classes Before Adding to Media". You can then select the "Quality Factor" amount. The lower the number, the smaller the file size, but the greater the loss in quality. The "Lossless compress when possible" button will attempt to intelligently decide if an image requires further compression or not.

Local Storage

NOTE: This is tallied by Studies not the amount of Patients in the Patient Tree.
NOTE: This will only affect 'Published to CD Burner' studies. If the study has not been burned onto a disc yet, it will not be affected by this number.

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