Powerful, compliant real-time video communication platform for face-to-face consultation in 3 easy steps!

View modalities and point-of-care exams in real-time, including multiple room options for qualified physicians.

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TeleRay Live: TeleRay Live is a leading new platform that transmits real-time radiology examinations at the point-of-care to qualified physicians from any site, whether a remote satellite office or an under-served location. TeleRay facilitates reliable transmission of imaging modalities with both visual and audio communication, providing early access information. The applications for this technology are endless. TeleRay Live can be used for everything from transmission of ultrasound from an ambulance, transmission of MRI or X-Ray to a consulting physician or for remote education of medical professionals. All of this can be performed in conjunction with a telehealth visit where a patient and multiple professionals can consult with one another. Many practices use TeleRay Live for remote specialists needed during a live scan to provide instant feedback and ensure they are capturing the required images. TeleRay Live is HIPAA compliant and registered with the FDA. It is also integrated with image exchange service so that the images can be converted to DICOM and distributed to patients, professionals, and PACS systems. Connects with all modalities and systems with video outputs.

TeleRay Pro: Take the power of TeleRay wherever you need it Whether it’s a remote bedside visit, a different room in the office, or special circumstances, TeleRay may be moved where its needed for patient or professional consultation A sturdy mobile cart allows for complete mobility within the site Power packs, lighting and other options for upgrades are available. Create an great patient experience with primary and specialty providers. Equipped with a touch screen interface, amplified audio, integrated support and Wi Fi, care teams can quickly initiate a telehealth consultation between patients with one or more remote providers.

TeleRay Visit: Powerful video and communication platform to view and consult multiple rooms simultaneously or separately Allows for overview of ultrasound rooms or any other modality that have access to a browser and internet capability Upon log in, user chooses which room to view An encrypted connection is made and will display accepted connections in a grid style view Clicking a view expands the image to a full screen There is only a connection when accepted which save bandwidth usage The platform detects usage and will shut down automatically when not in use Two way audio communication is network enabled. Great for training and oversight of multiple rooms. Excellent resolution while streaming of sharing images.

TeleRay Remote: The Remote Service product allows service organizations the ability to remotely access and control equipment with no 3 rd party software installed on the target device The RRS device plugs in to video out port and the USB port Once the device is connected, A service provider can log in and view the devices screen in real time and control the keyboard and mouse allowing for full equipment access Granting organizations the ability to walk a customer through a setup or troubleshoot and fix an issue reducing the amount of costly on site service calls. The device has a cellular connection embedded for quick and easy deployment by passing the hospitals network. The device uses an encrypted HIPAA complaint data tunnel that does not store data. This is a 1:1 connection keeping data safe and compliant . Device may send and receive files through USB connection up to 32GB.

TeleRay Record: Intuitive user interface, simple, but very powerful medical video recording software controllable by touchscreen medical panel PC. Storing locally more than 125 hours of HD videos and up to 100.000 of still images. VideoStation’s main medical video recording features:

  • High quality video recording into DICOM by using MPEG2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 compression
  • Record/take multiple low and high (full HD) quality video/snapshots during the surgery or other procedures
  • Live stream video during the procedure
  • Record, stream, play video and take snapshots at the same time
  • Record video/take images from multiple connected devices (special video card needed)
  • Flexible patient data assignment: selecting already existing patient, manually entering the patient details or selecting from hospital DICOM worklist server
  • Possibility to start a new study recording, while other video/snapshots is in progress for saving to DICOM or sending to DICOM archive
  • Review medical images/video during the surgery or other procedures
  • Trim the recorded video
  • Recorded studies can be stored locally, sent to the hospital DICOM archive (PACS server/VNA) or exported to other storage devices
  • View saved images/videos with integrated DICOM Viewer

TeleRay Cart

Take the power of TeleRay wherever you need it. Whether it’s a remote bedside visit, a different room in the office or other special circumstances, TeleRay is easily moved for patient or professional consultation. A sturdy mobile cart allows for complete mobility within the site Power packs, lighting and other optional upgrades are available.
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